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2006 - reise til Cape Adare

A travel to Cape Adare
Sophie Borchgrevink Nordrum and Ivar Nordrum
January / February 2006

Carsten Egeberg Borchgrevink's granddaughter Sophie and her husband Ivar, explored this winter Carsten's paths in Antarctic. They travelled a little more than a month.

21 January they left Christchurch in New Zealand on board the icebreaker Kapitan Khlebnikov, and returned to Hobart in Tasmania 14 February.

They went ashore at Scott's camp; military base where Scott's camp is separated; accompanying a piano to be delivered to the officers. And then, on 5 February, they went ashore on Cape Adare.

They had a fantastic experience; 108 years after Carsten Egeberg Borchgrevink mounted the first house ever on the Antarctic. The cabin was prefabricated by Strømmen Trevarefabrikk (woodworking factory), Norway. The cabin is still there, maintained and taken good care of by Antarctic Heritage Trust, New Zealand.

Sophie held a speech at the launching of the web-site about the forgotten polar legacy, at the FRAM museum (Oslo) 13 November 2006 (see separate text and link).

Here are some photos from Sophie's and Ivar's travel:

Ashore Cape Adare. Photo: © Ivar Nordrum

Sophie and senior reseacher Bob Headland (the Scott museum) heading towards the cabin of Carsten at Cape Adare. This area is said to have the largest population of penguins in the Antarctic; ADELE penguins; rather small. Photo: © Ivar Nordrum

Sophie in front og Grandfather's cabin at Cape Adare. Photo: © Ivar Nordrum

Inside grandfather's cabin. Photo: © Ivar Nordrum

The interior of Cartsen's cabin (20 m2), with the berths of Savio and Must. Photo: © Ivar Nordrum

Carsten Egeberg Borchgrevink's dog sleigh, at the museum in Hobart. Photo: © Ivar Nordrum

In the port of Hobart (Salamanka) is a statue and memorial board of Louis Bernacchi, who was part of the Carsten E Borchgrevink polar expedition team. Photo: © Ivar Nordrum

Sophie and Ivar at the statue of Louis Bernacchi. Photo: © Ivar Nordrum