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The forgotten legacy - link
2006 - Travel to Cape Adare
Unknown polar expeditions
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The forgotten legacy - link

Cape Adare - Antarctica
The Forgotten Legacy

Norway has produced many great polar explorers and scientists. Some, like Roald Amundsen are well known but there are others who have been almost forgotten - men like Carsten Borchgrevink who, 10 years earlier, paved the way for his more famous countryman.


This is the beginning of the text on a new web site created by Antarctic Heritage Trust in New Zealand.
The web site was launched in a function at the FRAM museum (Oslo) 13 November 2006; in the presence of representatives from Antarctic Heritage Trust, the New Zealand Ministry of Culture and several personalities related to Norwegian Polar Explorers and the families of Carsten Egeberg Borchgrevink and his team.

Cape Adare
Antarctic Heritage Trust, New Zealand

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